Mirco Lazzari “Wild Shot”


Before becoming a citizen (and a photographer) of the World, Mirco Lazzari was born in Castel San Pietro in 1961. He is a sport photographer since the 1989, from the 2001 follows also the MOTOGP race, and moreover from 2004, not happy already to travel all over the four corners of the planet, has decided to cover some Formula 1 races. During these years he has developed a particular style that made him recognizable anywhere, above all to a certain number of juries that awarded him several prizes. Mirco’s pictures, distributed in the past from Grazia Neri and now from Getty Images, can been seen on newspapers and magazines not only in Italy but worldwide, and moreover on several books about motorcycles. After 51 years, his passion is still like the first day. Even though he does not say it, everybody knows that until there is a camera and a piece of Earth at his disposal, he would be there to take pictures.