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Profile Nicola COlombo

Born 35 years ago in Milan Italy, he fell in love with adventure and spinning wheels at an early age. At 4 he was found naked with his tricycle in the bottom of the backyard bush trying to climb the hill at -5°C degrees; that was the very first time in his life he seriously put his life in danger, several more incidents and accidents happened as he grew. In his childhood, he tried to become a pro in Motocross . Although there were some undeniably good results, he focused on turning his energy to serious issues and took part in an entrepreneurial venture called Selerant. Nicola’s career began in New York and now he is expanding Selerant’s opportunities in Asia with an office in Shanghai While his title may have changed, his passion for the challenges and adventures has not. Over the last ten years he has been attracted to Africa where he’s been riding for more than 20.000 KM and has won Pharaons World Championship Rally in 2010.