Spread around the world and with the most desperate background and expertise, a team of brave, wild, fearless with a thing for the excitement are getting together to face The Adventure.


Profile Nicola COlombo Nicola Colombo - The Lightbulb

Born 35 years ago in Milan Italy, he fell in love with adventure and spinning wheels at an early age. At 4 he was found naked with his tricycle in the bottom of the backyard bush trying to climb the hill at -5°C degrees; that was the very first time in his life he seriously put his life in danger, several more incidents and accidents happened as he grew. In his childhood, he tried to become a pro in Motocross . Although there were some undeniably good results, he focused on turning his energy to serious issues and took part in an entrepreneurial venture called Selerant. Nicola’s career began in New York and now he is expanding Selerant’s opportunities in Asia with an office in Shanghai While his title may have changed, his passion for the challenges and adventures has not. Over the last ten years he has been attracted to Africa where he’s been riding for more than 20.000 KM and has won Pharaons World Championship Rally in 2010.

Profile Valerio 2 Valerio Fumagalli –“The Fox”

Born in 1959 in Varese, always in the world of motorsport and competition for business travels the world providing merchandising and apparel teams MOTOGP. Between one trip and the other loves being in nature taking long walks with his three dogs.


ProfileElena Elena Costantino “The anthropologist”

Elena was born in Milan 31 years ago.She does not understand anything about motorcycles and engines but on the other hand loves to travel and has always had a great passion for food culture and sustainability.Passion that led her to London, where she re-enrolled at the University to study food anthropology.Prior to London, Elena studied Communication and Environment Economics and Management in Milan, and then worked for several years in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with an eye always focused on the world's food chain.Recently returned to base after a year in the chilly Albion, has embarked on the adventure of Meneghina Express to make available to the team of adventurous motorcyclists his knowledge in the field of sustainability and supply of food cultures.

ProfileFlavioAllegretti Flavio Allegretti “Stream”

Deeply attracted by travelling and living adventures, Flavio expresses his love for Planet Heart and people, through activities able to connect him with nature and its beauty: skydiving, surfing, speed-riding, trekking and bike-riding. He loves to share his experiences making videos, writing tales, playing and listening music. He used to be a video-maker, while now he’s working as multi-projects consultant. Overall, he believes that his and other’s dreams can be realized. We’ve named him Stream as he will be the responsible for all video contents.

ProfileMircoLazzari Mirco Lazzari “Wild Shot”

Before becoming a citizen (and a photographer) of the World, Mirco Lazzari was born in Castel San Pietro in 1961. He is a sport photographer since the 1989, from the 2001 follows also the MOTOGP race, and moreover from 2004, not happy already to travel all over the four corners of the planet, has decided to cover some Formula 1 races. During these years he has developed a particular style that made him recognizable anywhere, above all to a certain number of juries that awarded him several prizes. Mirco’s pictures, distributed in the past from Grazia Neri and now from Getty Images, can been seen on newspapers and magazines not only in Italy but worldwide, and moreover on several books about motorcycles. After 51 years, his passion is still like the first day. Even though he does not say it, everybody knows that until there is a camera and a piece of Earth at his disposal, he would be there to take pictures.

GiorgioCeppi Giorgio Ceppi “McGiver”

Giorgio was born 49 years ago in Gallarate, a place near Milan Airport, where in fact he works in the MIS department. He has a thing with repair, since he was a child he loved to unassembled any mechanical or electric unit that standing in front of him. He loves the Mountains and the Ocean, where he sky on the snow and in the water. He spend most of his weekends hiking the mountains of Val D’Ossola where is hunting for rare mushrooms.. who knows if we’ll be able to find some also on the Meneghina Express route!

ProfileEnricoScampini Enrico Scampini “Candid Camera”

Enrico was born under the sign of Sagittarius and in fact has never denied his astral characteristics: he always loved challenges, travel and adventure. "Skier" was formed in the Alpine Military School in Aosta. "Rider" with his bike has traveled the streets of Europe’s going as far as Moscow and St. Petersburg. "Sailor" with his sailboat has sailed the waters of the Mediterranean. "Video reporter" for 35 years working on film and television sets. With its cameras will document for the RAI Italian television our adventure which is undertaking the Guinness Book of Records. Working for over ten years on the set of "Scherzi a Parte" is nicknamed "Candid Camera".

Carlo-Mantori Carlo Mantori - “The Stig of Gallarate”

In love with cars, motorsport and competitions since the first days of life, he races with anything e never loose a chance to compete with somebody: Grass-cutters, remote controlled cars, go-kart, race cars, supermarket trolleys. He lives in Asia since many years, proud ambassador of “The Made in Gallarate” around the world, is involved in trading and consulting. He takes part in MENEGHINA EXPRESS as a support trucks driver