Meneghina Express for Expo2015

The Universal Exposition occurs every five years. The last edition was held in Shanghai in 2010. During the Chinese edition's closing ceremony, Shanghai passed the baton to the city that will host the 2015 edition: Milan.

After two years and a half, Meneghina Express wants to transform this symbolic pass of the baton in an adventure, traveling from East to West on electric motorbikes: the aim is collecting knowledge and best practices of food production, along the journey.

At every stop over, Meneghina Express' team will explore and tell on its blog, the diversity of cultures and cultivations of each Country we will cross over. At the same time, our trip wants to promote sustainable mobility, demonstrating that adventurous enterprises such as ours can be realized relying upon renewable energy.To conclude: nutrition, culture, environment, ecology, biodiversity and sustainable mobility are the themes Meneghina Express will think about over the journey, in order to deliver to the city of Milan a collection of experiences, rich and diverse, gathered and then disseminated through our blog. We want to contribute to the spreading of awareness on those themes will constitute the core of Expo 2015.

For these reasons Expo2015 agreed to sponsor our adventure, which we make, with great pleasure, available to the City of Milan.

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About the Expo2015: feeding the planet, energy for life (

The city of Milan (Italy) will host the 2015 edition of the Universal Exposition. Feeding the planet, energy for life is the theme that captured the attention and the approval of BIE (the Bureau International des Expositions) for the Italian edition of Expo. It intercepts a challenge that humanity cannot escape: as a matter of fact, producing food for the increasing population of the world is more and more difficult nowadays, due to both natural resources scarcity and climate change impacts on yields.

Universal Expositions' main aim is not commercial but educational. In other words, during every edition, Expo wants to promote to the wider public a collective challenge, in order to sensibilize its visitors to themes with universal relevance, fostering the exchange of knowledge and technological innovations between those Countries that take part to the event.

Perhaps, the solutions to tackle climate change and to make the food chain more sustainable already exist, they lie both in our scientific and traditional knowledge.The gathering of Countries during Expo2015 will foster the exchange of these knowledge, contributing to the improvement of world's food production sustainability.