38 days to go..


38 days at the start. Where are we? We still have many tasks to complete travel arrangements. The bikes are about to depart from Milan, or at least we hope as transporting lithium batteries by air is like carrying explosives, it means that the transport is dangerous, very dangerous indeed according to some. We have in preparation for the two service vehicles, this is done by Mr. Sin, a great lover of travel and car, he’s very creative, rare quality for Chinese culture, especially for those who normally does a technical work. The success of our expedition is based very much on the 4x4 vehicles of assistance, without which our bikes cannot be recharged and all the equipment we need here could not follow us, so we continue to hope for Mr. Sin and in addition, as a further assurance for us, we decided to have him with us at least in the journey up to Mongolia, he does not speak English, only Chinese, but with my rudimentary Chinese and gestures he can understand me very well.

Our passports are beginning to have some of the necessary visas, the camping equipment is ready, we have the legendary tents that open in two seconds, but to close you need a touch of magic or practices of illusionism. We are studying the itinerary, trying to anticipate what we will find in the street in order to grasp the most interesting aspects, all having to plan their course based on the batteries charging timing and ranges of the bikes, a challenge which becomes more and more difficult as we are getting to understand the constraints that electric mobility poses.