Meneghina Express' Guinness World Record

It's official, Guinness World Record accepted our application!

When we will arrive to Milan, after a 13,000 Km riding, we will get the “Longest journey by electric motorcycle” title.

The present record is 8,046.74 km: our journey will beat it! It is also possible that someone on earth, right now, could be planning an adventure similar to ours: will we be the firsts to be awarder the record?

We just don't care right now; optimist, as usual, we are getting ready for our adventure.

In particular, we are organizing averything to be compliant with Guinness World Record guidelines.

Let's see where we are at:

  • “It is up to the participant to choose a commercially available electric motorcycle most suited to setting this record”.

DONE! ZERO FX 2013 is perfect for this adventure!

  • It is not necessary for the rider to travel alone; he/she may be accompanied during portions of the route by other riders or travellers journeying by other means”.

Well, our team is composed by two motorcyclists (Nicola & Valerio), a friend to help us with technical and moral support as well as a photoreporter.

  • “It is permissible to visit a particular country more than once. However, under no circumstances may the rider double back on him/herself or ride a circuit continuously in order to clock up additional mileage”

No problem at all, we just don't like cheating.

  • “When not on the move, the driver may travel locally in his immediate vicinity using other forms of land transport, but may not travel a significant distance away from his motorcycle (except during shipping)..”

No way we will leave our motorcycles alone and waste time in useless activities: we set a deadline and we will do our best to respect it.

  • “Journey photos, video clips, etc. must be supplied with the attempt evidence”.

This is why we are looking for a photographer to come along. Any volunteer?

  • “Accurate professional equipment e.g. GPS equipment must be used..”

DONE! VIASAT, leader in satellite tracking will support us. This will allow us to publish updates on a daily basis on our website!

  • “Witness book”

It's necessary for our adventure to be as much public as possible. This is why we are asked to fulfill a witness book: it's going to be easy to find people to sign it!

  • “Log book”

In the log book we will take note of every stop, kilometers covered, and everything will happen day by day.

Well, this post is meant to be the first of a long series of updates: we want to share with you all the good news this adventure is going to be full of!!!